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Looking for a watch that is out of the ordinary, a watch that is limited in numbers, a watch that makes a statement? Micro Brand Club offers a selection of carefully hand-picked quality Micro Brands that have already established their name in the industry. All the brands we carry are unique in their own ways, inspired by a particular theme but all share the passion that brought all of them together at is Time.

The Electricianz

the carbon z

The Carbon Z is an original combination of Carbon black and vibrant colours that reinforce one another in a pleasant dance for the eyes. The fine, coloured embroideries bring an elegant distinction to the nato strap’s Italian leather, stamped with ever-so subtle details. The Carbon Z is a daily reminder that life is not as serious as we take it to be, and that beyond casual apparences, everyone just wants to have fun. Don’t you ?

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gorilla watches

Leaving the comfort of world-renowned watch houses to found a new place of expression. Challenging our creativity further, testing new limits.

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Limited Edition
Mecca le
by Nuun Official
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