MAALS is a family owned start-up watch designer and producer from the minds of two brothers based in Warwickshire, UK. Having both collected watches for over 20 years  and encouraged by the crowdfunding success of recent design led watches, they decided to take a chance and start their own company designing eye catching, high quality affordable watches that they would be happy to have in their collections.

Having only a small family, they wanted the brand’s name to be personal, thus MAALS - which stands for Mark Anthony Andrew Lee Sealey - was born through taking the initials of their names and tailing it with their family name. Simple and personal.

Designed in the UK and influenced by a love of design, cars and 70’s classic watches, the first timepiece from MAALS is a retro modern, moon-phase titled Jump Over The Moon. Named after the stacked arrangement of its movement, Jump Over The Moon (JOTM) will be available in either a brushed stainless steel finish or a black steel finish.

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